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Below: Clydebrook Pups born August

  well done Sheridan and Whisky! Baby
Puppy in Group at Cooma Championship
 Show aged 3 months 
Alfie can't quite reach that plate...
can someone help?

Clever Hugo graduated from Puppy Class
Mac found the perfect seat!

  New boy in Tassie, Archie 
Milton, thinking deep thoughts....
   Mika and Bonnie, holiday pals....
   and Mika at home, below
Flynn, just chillin'
Beautiful Jackson with his long legs!
little cutie, Millie 
 Ellie, finding it so hard to relax.....
Tinkerbelle with BFF, Chilli
Wellington, serious matters to attend to
Below, Clydebrook Pups born in UK, 2009-2014 
Sally's puppy Misty with her new friend
 Juno with her Mum Nikki
Jacqui's boy Chewy, playing with Red 
 Linda's boy, Ted
Trish, Chris and Ben's boy, Monty
Sophie with puppy Max
Max, Emily and Lucy with Coco
Sarah-Jane with Storm, 4 mths
Tracey and Steve's puppy Maisie-Mae
Phelps family's Archie enjoying a
quiet snooze
Sally and Phil's puppy Misty
 Dexter in the garden with Eleanor
 and Maighsi
Emma and family's Stanley
Farrar from North Yorkshire,
aged 8 weeks.  Photo by Louis
 Liz's handsome boy Rhett, from Devon
Puppy Ted with his new brother Murray
 The Buchan family's Dennis looking for
Lesley's pup Rafferty with his lovely new big
sister Maisie
Adam and Ann's Rachel, having a well-
earned rest
Penny and Julian's lovely puppy boy Percy
Lyn and John's puppy Max, with his new
friend, Oscar
Below, Clydebrook Pups in Australia pre 2009
   Shelley and family's puppy, Mabel
    John and Vanessa's 9 week old Flynn
  Michelle and Simon's Nessie (left) and Murdo (rt)
Baby Cora's Sadie, aged 9 weeks 
Alan and Jeannette's McKeever, aged 9 weeks
          Gandalf, from Queenstown, Tasmania, 
          aged 16 months.     
       Baxter, from Bendigo, aged 5 months
   6 month-old Hannah from Melbourne, with Allan 
         6 month-old Maggie, from Townsville
          Winnie from Adelaide, at 3 months 
         Chester, from Melbourne aged 4 months 
    4 month-old Ben from Melbourne, with Robert
  Baxter, left and Henry, right aged 13 months