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Our Aim
In earlier days the Airedale was used, amongst other things, as a police dog and a messenger during wartime.  During these noisy, stressful situations the dog needed to be fearless and dependable, and to act upon command without hesitation.
Thankfully these days are over, however the true Airedale spirit of courage and loyalty is our aim in breeding.  Our goal is to breed dogs of the traditional type, with strength and substance. 
Our main priority, however, is to breed healthy puppies.  All of our breeding stock is hip x-rayed to ensure they are suitable for breeding and to minimise the risk of hip dysplasia in the offspring.  
There is however, no guarantee that a puppy will not develop hip dysplasia.  It is important to keep your puppy's weight down, to prevent overexercise, and to note that stairs and slippery floors can increase the risk.  We also advise that you keep the feet well trimmed with no excess hair on the pads so that the puppy can get traction when he is walking or playing. 
We are a small kennel and have litters occasionally.  The babies are born and raised in the home with us, not in kennels, so they become accustomed to everyday sounds and situations at an early age.  They go  to their new homes wormed, vet-checked, inoculated, microchipped and registered. 
Some of our puppies are sold as showdogs and others go to loving homes as companions.  There are Clydebrook puppies  in the UK and New Zealand, as well as here in Australia.    
We are always available and happy to answer any questions, and we offer our support throughout the life of your dog.