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When Darby was a year old we decided he needed a girlfriend, and the search began for his perfect girl. We found Crystal! She was bred by Ken and Jan Campbell of Belltirna.  Crystal is typical of the breed in her playfulness and fun-loving disposition. Like most Airedales she can be boisterous, but she is very gentle around children.
Crystal showed until she attained her title of Australian Champion. She did well as a showdog, winning several classes in group, but she much prefers her homelife to the show ring. She loves to be with her favourite people, especially our four grandsons and her Gran!
1. Crystal, Ch Belltirna My Fair Lady
2. Christmas Crystal with Granny
Crystal was rehomed with a loving family when we left for the UK in 2009.  We missed Crystal but she coped much better being settled with her new family than she would have done with long journey and she is always in our hearts.